Wasteland industries and abandoned places in CHARLEROI : the most beautiful sites

Urbex and derelict tourism

Retrospective of a glorious past

Charleroi is a Belgian city that is full of fascinating abandoned sites to explore for urban exploration enthusiasts. Here is a list of some of the most notable sites:

Monceau Power Station: This abandoned power station is an iconic site in Charleroi. The red brick buildings have become a popular backdrop for photo shoots and film shoots.

The Charbonnage n°10 du Gouffre: This coal mining site, which had been abandoned for 50 years, had two shafts that were concreted when the activities ended. The interior of the site is completely empty but the architecture of the building still tells the stories of the past.

The Metallurgical Factory: This factory has been abandoned since the 1980s and is now overgrown with vegetation. The ruins offer stunning views of the city of Charleroi.

The Varia cinema and theater: The Varia cinema and theater, built between 1910 and 1913, is a grand building showcasing eclectic architectural style with Art Nouveau elements. It is located in Jumet, a district of the city of Charleroi.

The Surface metro line: This Surface metro line has been abandoned for many years and the buildings are now in ruins. The once bustling travelers have been replaced with graffiti and vegetation.

The Solvay Pool: This abandoned swimming pool has been left empty since the 1990s. The empty pools and rusty diving boards have a sad air but also a certain enchanting charm.

Of course, it is important to note that exploring abandoned sites can be dangerous and illegal in some cases. It is therefore important to take all necessary precautions and to respect safety rules when visiting these sites.


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