Industrial history of CHARLEROI : the iconic factories

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Charleroi is a city known for its industrial past, with a large number of factories that contributed to the economic development of the region. Here is an overview of some of the most iconic factories in CHARLEROI:

Usines métallurgiques du Hainaut : Founded in 1907, these factories were the largest iron production facilities in Belgium until 1930.

Charbonnage du Bois du Cazier : This coal mining site, established in 1822, was one of the most important coal mines in Belgium. It was also the scene of a tragedy in 1956 when 262 miners lost their lives in a coal explosion. Today, the factory site has been transformed into an industrial museum, showcasing the history of mining in the region.

Usine de la Providence (Cockerill) : Founded in 1839, this factory specialized in the production of steam locomotives and played a significant role in CHARLEROI's industrialization. Today, it has been revitalized, housing concert halls, a blacksmithing cooperative, artist workshops, and the creation of the Rockerill Records label.Rockerill Records.

Usine de Solvay : The pioneering Solvay company was established in 1863 with a mission to produce soda ash using a revolutionary industrial process. This birth coincided with the beginning of the Second Industrial Revolution, a period characterized by unwavering faith in progress through science and industry.

Usine verre vert : In 1868, a small factory specializing in glass and ice production was established in CHARLEROI. Over the years, its success was such that in 1920, it chose to merge with other local glassworks, further enhancing the city's reputation in the glass and manufacturing industry.

In conclusion, CHARLEROI has a rich industrial history, with many factories that contributed to the economic development of the region. Today, many industrial sites have been transformed into museums or industrial parks, testifying to the importance of this history for the region.


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