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Charleroi is a city located in Wallonia, in Belgium, known for its rich and varied brewing culture. Here is a summary of the local beers :

La Super des Fagnes: A light and refreshing blond beer, brewed with local ingredients. It has a fruity taste and reduced bitterness.

La Cuvée des Trolls: A golden blond beer brewed with top quality malt and hops. It has a light and fruity taste with a slight bitter aftertaste.

La Charlemagne: A rich and complex amber beer, brewed with special malts and spices. It has a slightly sweet taste and spicy notes in the aftertaste.

La Bière de Chimay: A Trappist beer brewed in the Abbey of Scourmont near Chimay, a neighboring town of CHARLEROI. It is available in three varieties: Red, Blue and White.

La Bière du Pays Noir: A black beer brewed with roasted malts and aromatic hops. It has a rich and complex taste with hints of coffee and chocolate.

La Blanche de CHARLEROI : A refined white beer with a subtle touch of spices and a cereal finish.

La St. Feuillien: A blond beer brewed in the town of Le Roeulx, located near CHARLEROI. It has a fruity and spicy taste with a slightly pronounced bitterness.

These local beers are all examples of the excellent quality of Belgian brewing culture, and are well worth sampling to experience their unique flavors and interesting stories.


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